Peace. Love. Pancakes.

Peace. Love. Pancakes.

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Why isn't chobani as good for you? It has a lot less crap in it than dannon or yoplait (not judging, just wondering...)

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Sorry for not clarifying. A lot of people think that Chobani is like the best thing known to mankind- or at least that is what I’ve encountered with people I know. And it is healthier than a lot of other brands, but it isn’t organic, it still has GMOs, and the “all natural ingredients” or whatever it claims isn’t regulated by the USDA. So while I would say it’s healthier, I still wouldn’t say it’s the best option. It also has evaporated cane juice to help sweeten it, and again it is healthier to sweeten it yourself with fruit or something. 

While something like Dannon has a lot more additives especially with the flavored types, I would still pick Dannon plain or even your everyday store brand plain or whatnot over Chobani flavored if that makes sense. And, if you’re on a budget Chobani is overrated anyways, so Chobani might be healthier but isn’t necessarily worth spending the extra money on. I mean if you’re not on a budget then I still wouldn’t buy Chobani, because for practically the same price you can get Stonyfield which is a much better bang for your buck option anyways. And if you want something flavored then go for that too- like at the end of the day it really isn’t THAT important is it? Like honestly just go enjoy your yogurt! 

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Is dannon lite & fit greek ok for you? I know it isn't as natural as chobani probably and has acesulfame potassium & malic acid, but I can't afford chobani or others. Any recs?

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Yeah it’s fine- don’t worry about it! And, Chobani isn’t as good for you as a lot of people think- that’s why Whole Foods stopped carrying Chobani. I would say one of the best brands I know of is Stonyfield, but at the same time Stonyfield is a bit more expensive than some of the other brands so I can see why it isn’t always the most affordable. So my opinion is that if it’s yogurt and you like it then get it! (I personally really dislike yogurt like Trix or Danimals or whatever because you can basically just taste that it’s mostly sugar and additives but if that floats your boat then go for it!) 

I also didn’t recognize “acesulfame potassium” but after Googling it I realized it is another name for aspartame, which is really not very good for you-at all- and often used as a sweetener. Malic acid on the other hand isn’t really bad for you in small quantities- it is found naturally in some fruits like apples and cherries anyways. 

But seriously though don’t worry about it too much. I would stay away from the “lite” or “low fat” or “diet” or whatever types though and just get the full fat or regular yogurts. They are more natural, and the calorie difference shouldn’t be THAT much- the full fat types might be a little more but you’re saving yourself from ingesting a bunch of weird and unnecessary chemicals! I would also shoot for plain yogurt and sweeten it yourself with honey or agave or by adding fruits or something!

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Vegan Lemon Chia Seed Pancakes!


  • ✅1/2 cup oatmeal (blended to oat flour)
  • ✅3 chia eggs (1 tbsp chia seed + 3 tablespoons warm water each)
  • ✅1 mashed banana
  • ✅1/2 lemon, squeezed ✅made with coconut oil
  • Oh and it makes 4 small pancakes!
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I'm so happy that I follow your blog. Seeing one of your posts on my dash always brightens my day. You are always so positive and you seem to genuinely care about everyone that asks you questions, or seeks your advice. You're amazing!

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Thank you so so much doll! Seriously though that has always been one of my goals- to show and share love with everyone! Because I do care about you all and love you all so much!!!😘😘

So thank YOU for sharing the love with me! YOU are amazing! Much love!! X

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I think you are a wonderful! Stay beautiful ;)

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Oh thank you so much doll! Also haha that’s what I always say! So haha you stay beautiful too lovely! X

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Pancakes are bad for you arent you a weightloss blog

Asked by Anonymous

Hey there! First of all, I could argue that pancakes are not bad for you. Especially if you make them from eggs and bananas- and maybe oat flour or something if you want! Or even if you just sub out the normal butter for coconut oil or something! Or honestly if you just eat the pancakes in moderation then you are perfectly fine!!

And, I am NOT a weight loss blog! I know it can be confusing sometimes to differentiate between health blogs and weight loss blogs and whatnot, but my main purpose is to gain health and happiness- and peace and pancakes ya know haha. But treating your body right and eating healthier and exercising regularly are the goals here- and if you lose weight in the process then great! And if you gain weight in the process then great! And if you don’t change weight at all in the process, then great!

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